Principia is an educational physics playground emphasizing visualizations and interactability.

This web-based project is designed to helps students reinforce key concepts through visualizing physical scenarios. A user can build a system by dragging and dropping elements like ramps, pulleys, or springs into a frame in their browser. Then the simulation can be run to see the elements interact with each other over time, with the ability to pause the simulation at any point and query the state of an element. Users can save their simulations and share them with others.

Principia serves as a powerful supplement to any physics classroom or as a playground that would allow students to further explore concepts in a visually exciting way.

This is a Computer Science senior capstone project at the University of Utah. Fork us on GitHub, or follow along with our behind the scenes on Instagram!

The Team

Sam Olds

Sam enjoys funky jazz and cheap wine.

Danny Petersen

Danny enjoys upbeat movies and piƱa coladas.

Matthew Turner

Matthew enjoys instrumental hip hop and a good lager.

Dalton Wallace

Dalton enjoys a good 'ol come back story and poutine.